Buffalo Game Space



The Basic membership tier is for members who wish to participate in our free community events and online in our forums.
Rights include:
  • Access to all free or open-to-public events at Buffalo Game Space.
  • Access to view and post on our site forum.
  • Access to register for workshops and other one-time pay events.
The Bronze membership tier is for members who wish to support the local community and attend workshops and events occasionally.
Rights include:
  • All rights offered to Basic membership.
  • Access to the Space for playing games and member-based special events.
  • Ability to request the scheduling and use of the Space for a special event. *
  • Access to consoles, cabinets and other game playing equipment. **
  • Voting: A Bronze member in good standing has the right to vote on public community decisions, hear and review all public organizational documents and information, and determine the size of the Board of Directors.
  • Discounts: 40% discount on any qualifying paid workshops, boot camps, or events hosted by BGS.
  • Additional discounts at participating local businesses.
  • * Subject to organizational approval and possible associated costs or fees.
  • ** Does not grant access to sound booth, green screen, motion capture, or other game creation equipment.
Silver members are those who wish to do a little more to help us keep going, and/or those interested in working locally.
Rights include:
  • All rights offered to Bronze membership.
  • Discounts: 50% discount on any qualifying paid workshops, boot camps, or events hosted by BGS
  • Co-Working: Access to use the shared co-working facilities during business hours.
  • Equipment Access: The ability to use all facility equipment, pending certification for particular equipment.
  • Guest Passes: 3 day passes a month(non-cumulative) to collaborate with non-members on premises.
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Gold members are those who truly believe in our cause, as a Gold member your contribution greatly helps us keep going and we thank you greatly!
Rights include:
  • All rights offered to Silver membership.
  • Discounts: 75% discount on any qualifying paid workshops, boot camps, or events hosted by BGS. Free entrance to certain member based special events.
  • Personal Dedicated Equipment: The right to provide their own desk/equipment in the facility, provided it meets minimum requirements.
  • Personal Dedicated Setup: Use, arrangement, and location of personal equipment will be dedicated to the member.
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Team memberships apply to organizations, studios, or small teams who wish to use either shared or dedicated co-working facilities, amongst their team, or as the primary office for their organization. Team memberships apply a 25% discount to co-working membership fees for each participating member of an organization. Team memberships must always have two members or above, if there is ever only one member, it will revert to a normal membership.


Students of participating colleges, schools, and universities may be eligible for up to 50% off membership rates. Inquire with BGS organizers or your academic institution to see if your school participates. (If not, encourage them to do so.)

Our current scholar partners are:


People who wish to be co-working members but cannot afford the dues, may have the dues waived or reduced with approval from the board pending determination of their need.

Upon determination, the details of the membership shall be negotiated on a case by case basis either by the board, or an appointed representative of the board, with the individual. This may include things such as, but not necessarily, volunteering time to assist with BGS activities.

Access and Identification

All tiers of membership shall register and receive documentation that identifies them as members.

The member shall keep on their person said identification when on the premises of BGS and be ready and able to present it to any organizer that asks without complaint or issue.

Good Standing

All rights conferred to members are temporary and conditional on the member remaining in good standing with the organization.

To remain in good standing a member must:

  • Pay any dues required of them.
  • Abide by the Buffalo Game Space Code of Conduct.

Any member found to have violated BGS Code of Conduct, including and any other Anti-Discrimination or Harassment policies, is subject to having their membership revoked.